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Wat vinden jullie nou eigenlijk van de nieuwe partij: de NVD (naastenliefde vrijheid en diversiteit)? Ik vind het maar belachelijk. Ze vinden dat vleeseten verboden moet worden, stemmen vanaf 12 jaar, seks vanaf 12 jaar legaal,  dat je naakt buiten mag lopen. Racisme mag, behalve door de overheid, nog zo'n belachelijke. Het is voortgebracht vanuit de pedofielenbond ofzo.  Harddrugs willen ze legaal maken, ( volgens mij).  

According to their official statement, the NVD's platform aims to maximize diversity and liberty.[4] Multiple positions taken by the NVD have been controversial.[5] [6] They propose allowing individuals, from the age of 12, to vote, have sex, gamble, choose their place of residence, and use soft drugs. Hard drugs would be legal at 16. They also intend to eliminate marriage in the law, permit public nudity anywhere in the country, make railway travel free, and institute a comprehensive animal rights platform.[4]


The NVD seeks to have the legal age-of-consent lowered to 12, and, in the long run, completely eliminated. (Except in dependent or intrafamilial relationships.) They reason that only "coerced" or "dangerous" sexual activity should be punished. They also aim to equalize the legal age where one can perform in pornography with the legal age-of-consent. Prostitution would be legal at the age of 16. [4]

The NVD also wants to legalize private use of child pornography and allow non-violent pornography to be screened on daytime television. They are against laws that would explicitly outlaw sexual contact between animals and humans (which is not illegal in the Netherlands now), and support laws criminalizing the "sexual maltreatment" of animals.[4]



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